Shop for the Best Plus Size Boots: The Ultimate Boot Guide!

Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world”
– Marilyn Monroe


Every woman knows how important it is to have a good pair of boots in their wardrobe. Boots are a timeless piece that never go out of style, are great for almost every occasion, and can be worn repeatedly IF you buy the right kind, the kind that fits comfortably and is just your size!

If you agree, (and if you’re on this page it means you do!) but just can’t find the right pair that fits you or you just don’t have the time to browse through dozens of catalogues, don’t worry! Our plus size boots guide is here to help you in all your fashion making decisions.

What kind of boot person are you?

stretchy boots

Are you a tall, high heeled kinda girl, or a “bad girl” motorcycle chic? How about an office savvy classy woman or maybe a mother who just wants to be comfortable and still look good? Whatever type of boot-loving person you are, our plus size boots compilation will help you in shopping for the perfect pair that will fit you snug as a boot-bug.

Whether it’s a girls night out, a sexy halloween dress up, a Wednesday evening kick back with friends, or just comfortable “slouch” or walking boots you’re looking for, this plus size boots guide will help to give you a well-rounded view — which is key to buying your perfect pair of plus size boots.

The Ultimate Plus Size Boots Guide

Below, the following Plus Size Boots Guide features 10 of our most favorite and best selling plus size boots and wide calf boots. ( See sidebar and additional links for more plus size boots)

This plus size boots guide includes:

  • Plus Size Boots pictures
  • Plus Size Boots brand and name/model – (click to view more details or to purchase)
  • Size
  • Length
  • Height
  • Plus Size Boots Material
  • Price Range
  • User Reviews from real people!- This is helpful when deciding what kind of plus size boots to buy!
  • Rankings in categories of Style, Comfort, Sexiness, Fashion and more!
PhotoFull Pricing, Detailed Photos, More Colors and ReviewsDescriptionUser ReviewsStylePrice Range
Sue High Wide Calf Boot By

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Stylish and high plus size boots with stretchy material for wide calves. Inside zipper all along the leg with a padded insole. "I love these boots! I'm 5'6 and have wide calves, so usually boots don't fit me properly. These came all the way over my knee without looking awkward. I got so many compliments!"Confort, Casual, Semi-Formal, Sexy, Stretch$
Jackie Wide Calf Boots

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Plus size boots with lots of calf room. High-heeled, comfortable tall boots with a non-skid rubber outsole."Looking for comfortable boots that look great? Then buy these boots! I have had muscular, wide calves all my life and usually have a problem fitting into most boots. But these gorgeous boots fit comfortably!"Comfort, Semi-Formal, Sexy, Tall, High-Heeled$$
Randi Wide-Calf Leather Boots

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Leather, wide-calf plus size boots. Easy pull-on design with a stylish buckle strap at the ankle. "These are extremely comfortable, and even have enough room to tuck your jeans into!" Classy, Tall, Semi-Formal, Stylish$$$
Comfortview Heather Wide Calf Scrunch Boot

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Comfortable, stylish synthetic slouch boots for everyday wear. Wide calf boots with an inside zip and cushioned sock."5 Stars! These are some of the most comfy boots I have worn, I'm even going to order another pair in a different color!"Comfort, Stylish, Casual, Walking$$
Spy Love Buy Megan Flat Wellies Wellington Wide Calf Knee High boots

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14 inch high, quality rubber boots with wide calf. Plus size boots for walking and wide enough to fit jeans. Sleek and comfortable, for all weather types"Finally! Boots that are wide enough to fit my calves (16.5in) and they can even still fit jeans or leggings."Comfort, Causal, Walking, Weather$
Union Jack Festival Wellies Knee High Wide Calf Rain Boots Black US Sz 5

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Waterproof wellington boots with wide calf. Stomp around in these stylish and fun plus size boots, and stand out from the crowd! The soft cushioned footbed makes these wellies so comfortable!"I was worried about purchasing boots online, because my calves are quite large, but these boots fit like a dream! "Comfortable, Weather, Walking, Stylish$
Naturalizer Women's Balada Wide Shaft Motorcycle Boot

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Sexy Motorcycle plus size boots for wide calf. Feel daring and comfortable in this unique style. Man made sole with adjustable buckle."The leather is gorgeous, I always get compliments and you can wear them with just about everything! I have a 16cm calf and wider than normal feet but these boots fit perfectly."Sexy, Comfort, Walking, Casual$$
Easy Spirit Women's Lynskeyw Knee-High Wide Calf Boot

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Feel fashionable in these women's plus size boots with a wide calf. Enjoy easy walking and comfort with it's cushioned footbed and low heel. "The color is perfect and they look great with dresses or pants. Very comfortable for walking without any issues."Style, Semi-Formal, Casual, Walking$-$$
Nine West Women's Shiza Wide Calf Knee-High Boot

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Be chic and fashionable in these knee-high plus size boots. Full zipper with extended wide calf and man made sole. "If you buy these boots you won't be disappointed! After spending years looking for a pair that will zip over my calves and jeans (I have a 15" calf), these are finally it. I've had them for a few months now and I'm really happy with them!"Style, Sexy, Formal, Semi-Formal$$
Etienne Aigner Women's Chip Wide Riding Boot

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Sleek and Classy, these luxe boots will make you stand out from the crowd! Inside zipper and steady rubber sole. "I have 17 1/2' calves, and have been looking for boots that ACTUALLY will fit me. I absolutely LOVE these boots, and you can tell the leather is really good quality."Leather, Style, Semi-Formal, Formal$$-$$$

The plus size boots included in the chart above are just a few of the many types of boots there are available. There are many plus size boots being created and out on the market all year round. We will continue to update our Top Ten Plus Size Boots list as the fashion goes on!

Tips for Plus Size Boots Shopping!

Plus size boots models

Some people might be hesitant to buy shoes online, especially if it’s taken them a while to find a pair that fits them comfortably. We all know how annoying it is to deal with return policies, bad customer service reps, and not to mention that extremely disappointing feeling when something you’ve been looking forward to just doesn’t fit. Thankfully, there are some things that you can do to avoid these online shopping nightmares!

Here are a few things to keep in mind when buying plus size boots online:

Ordering the right foot size.

  • Don’t just guess what size you are. Feet size may change over time, so have your feet measured regularly. You can buy some cheap measuring tape to measure your feet at home.
  • If one foot is larger than the other, order the larger size.
  • Shoe size can vary by the style, depending if they run long, wide, narrow, or short. Take this into consideration when buying plus size boots online.
  • When buying plus size boots, keep in mind that wearing socks can affect the tightness of the shoe.

How to find the right calf fit. 

  • Measure your calves at the widest point. If one calf is bigger than the other, opt for the bigger size for plus size boots.
  • Consider that calf size may change. If you want plus size boots that fit nicely for a long time, it’s better to go one size up.
  • The standard for most plus size boots are 15” in calves. Keep this measurement in mind when buying online.
  • Wide calf usually means 15 or more while Narrow calf is usually 13 or less.
  • If you want plus size boots that can accommodate jeans or tights, consider it when buying and go one size up.

Other tips:

  • Going in for a fit. One of the advantages of buying online is that you don’t have to spend time traveling to the different stores to find the pair you want. However, if you’ve already found the pair but are still unsure if it will fit you, go to a store where they sell those boots for a fitting before buying it (for usually cheaper) online.
  • Quality is essential. It really sucks to buy a new pair of boots, only to have them breaking after a month! It’s better to invest in pair of plus size boots that will last you for a long time, than waste time and money buying dozens of cheap ones. Leather and suede are extremely durable, and great in the long run.
  • Time. If you’re buying boots for a certain rush occasion, it’s better to buy boots that are fulfilled by They have the 2 day or next day delivery option which makes it easier for you to estimate when you’ll receive it.
  • Material. Some materials are less stretchy than others, which are okay if you want skin-hugging, but not OK if you’re looking for plus size boots that are flexible. If you want something more versatile look for keywords like “stretchy” “comfortable” and “elastic”.
  • Measuring. Depending on how high you want your plus size boots to go, you’ll have to know the right length. Measure from heel to however high you want them.
  • Shop for plus size boots with an inside zipper. Boots with a long zipper on the inside allows the boots to open wide enough for your feet to fit inside with ease. It also makes it easier to zip up the boot.

Different Plus Size Boots Styles


There’s an array of different kinds of boots to choose from! There are so many different types, from thigh-high sexy to casual classy. Take a look at some of the common plus size boots styles which are also included in our boot guide.

  • Scrunch or “Slouch” Boots: These boots are some of the easiest to fit for women with wide calves. You can wear them mid-calf or scrunch them down to your ankles. They can accommodate a pair of jeans or tights nicely.
  • Stretch Boots: You can usually find these made of a mix of elastic stretch fabrics and leather. Plus size boots made from stretch fabric are snug while still allowing for lots of ease.
  • Lace-up  or Tie-up Boots: These are sexy and stylish, perfect for costumes or for a ladies night out. Plus size boots with lace or tie-ups are popular due to the fact that they can be widened easily, making it a great option for wide calves.
  • Rubber Boots or “Wellingtons”: What’s great about rubber boots is that they are extremely durable, and are good for all types of weather. Nowadays you can find them on the market at a reasonable price, in different styles, colors and sleek designs.