Heather Wide Calf Scrunch Boots Comfortview Review


Heather Wide Calf Scrunch Boots in Teal

These comfortable plus size boots keep you comfortable and stylish in any weather!

Rating: 4.3 out of 5

Style: Casual, Comfortable, Cute, Stable

Price: $

Best Use: Casual Wear, Office, Cold Weather

Pair With: Wear these comfy plus size boots from Comfortview with a cute flowy dress or boot cut jeans for a laid-back but cute feminine look!

Fashion doesn’t always have to hurt! The Heather Wide Calf Scrunch Plus Size Boots from Comfortview is a great cross between style and comfort! These chic and easygoing plus size boots come in colors brown, grey, black, purple or teal, perfect fall colors to match any type of woman! These plus size boots are so cute and comfortable, you’re probably gonna want them all!

The Heather Wide Calf Scrunch boot has a cushioned sock inside, making these plus size boots perfect for walking! There’s also accommodation for a lot of space to fit wider, larger sized calves. It’s inside zipper allows the boots to open widely, making it a comfy fit, that can even pair with skinny jeans.

Don’t worry about your feet getting cold in these! Imported, with a faux suede material, these plus size boots are cozy and very comfortable for walking and can fit thick socks for colder weather.


Heather Wide Calf Scrunch Boots Comfortview in Purple, Black, and Brown

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These plus size boots are 10 and a half inches high in the shaft, with a stylish tie strap that accents the exterior nicely. The elastic strap allows the boots to adjust to your feet accordingly. The heel is only an inch high, making these comfortable enough to wear to work, traveling, or dancing!

Wear them with thick tights and soft socks in winter, or pair them with a dress and roll them down to your ankles. The Heather Wide Calf Scrunch boots are a stylish way to be cozy in any season!

Reviews for Heather Wide Calf Scrunch Boots by Comfortview

“These are the most stylish and comfy boots I’ve ever owned that can really fit my wide calves well and still have space to tuck jeans in comfortably. Ordered these in Teal and wore them as soon as I got them. The color is darker than the catalog but they still look great! Would buy more if they had additional bright colors in the future.” -E

“Nice! Wore them to work today and they are impressively comfortable. Not disappointed.” -B

” I’ve been looking for shoes for my daughter in law, who wears a shoe size 12. It’s so hard to find cute shoes in THAT size! Well, I found them here! Ordered them in purple, since she LOVES purple, combine that with the great selection and affordable prices, and I got her to buy some really nice shoes. She LOVES these boots, the calf was a bit too wide, but the strap on the side allowed it to be adjusted perfectly.” -S

” The fit on these is perfect. Been searching high and low for the perfect boots for me and these are finally the ones! They pair great with leggings, or you can tuck skinny jeans in or boot cut. Knee length dresses also look great.” – Renee


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