Spy Love Buy Megan Flat Wellington Boots Review

Spy Love

Spy Love Buy Megan Flat Wellington Boots in “Carla”

Show off your individuality with these fun, adorable wellington boots!

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Style: Playful, Sturdy, Comfortable

Price: $

Best Use: Work, Walking, Cold Weather, Casual

Pair With: These playful wellington plus size boots can be worn with knee length skirts or dresses to show off their fun patterns!

The Spy Love Buy Megan Flat Wellington Boots are trademark plus size boots that come in a variety of colors and patterns to match your unique personality! These cute and stand-out wide calf boots are a great fashion piece to have in your boot wardrobe.

Jamelia wellingtonspair

Spy Love Buy Megan Flat Wellingtons in Leopard

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These plus size manmade boots are crafted with quality rubber materials, and are ideal for all weather conditions! These wide-calf boots can accommodate calf width up to 19 inches, so if you want to tuck your jeans into them, it won’t be a problem!

The boots height is 14 inches, allowing for full coverage. This is especially useful if you want to buy these cute booties for working in the yard or garden and you don’t want to worry about insects or itchy grass on your legs. It’s also great for rainy or snowy weather as you can tuck thick socks and jeans into them to keep your legs from freezing off!

wellingtons fashion

Spy Love Buy Megan Flat Wellingtons in Navy and Carla

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The array of patterns is probably what makes these plus size boots stand out from the rest. If you’re tired of the average black (chunky, worker looking) boots, then these are for you! Pair them with knee length dresses, jeans, or tights for a cute spunky look!

Reviews for Megan Flat Wellingtons by Spy Love Buy

“These are exactly what I wanted! I purchased the Spy Love boots for outdoor work, I do a lot of mowing, walking, weed spraying and weed eating. My priority was that they needed to be comfortable and ok to hose off, which they were! Also, their wide calf is extremely roomy, so I could tuck my jeans into them without worrying about any crawlers in the tall grass!”  -Joanne

“I have thick calves, and could never find boots any taller than my ankle height to fit! Most “wide calf” boots are just really not that wide, but these boots were so cute and fit perfect! I can even fit my jeans into them. So ready to stomp in some puddles!” -Donnabell

“I’ve been wanting a pair of boots that I could use in really bad weather or that would hold up in the muck. Checked out some cheap boots with bright colors that had thin calf widths and my pants had to be worn outside. Which isn’t helpful if you actually have to work in them! They would get soaked in 5 inches of standing water! Finally, I was able to find these which are both stylish and functional! Great sizing, you can adjust the calf so that you can tuck your jeans in or wear them outside. I was concerned about the shipping time because it’s sent from the UK, but the shipping was pretty fast and I got them in a week! Definitely worth the extra $10. Highly recommend this model if you’re looking for functionality as well as styling! ” -FL

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